Lead time

How to place orders

Minimum quantities


Lead time

The order processing time is determined individually for each order and depends on the current production organization and the volume of orders.

Please place your orders in advance, taking into account longer waiting times.

How to place orders

Please place orders by e-mail (sis@sis.com.pl) providing the product symbol, weight or quantity and required parameters.

We only fulfill orders for companies.

We do not fulfill orders for individual customers.

It is possible to produce from entrusted material.

Minimum quantities


Our minimum order is 50 g for each type of product except KK, KL, ZKP.

The minimum weight for KK (cut rings), KL (soldered rings), and ZKP (strap ends) is

100 g.

Payment information

Available payment methods: bank transfer or cash.

The price of our semi-finished products is variable and consists of:

    - labour price,

    - current price of silver material(fineness 999.9).

Due to fluctuations in the price of silver, we assume that the final price is the current price on the day on which we issue the invoice.

We also accept entrusted material

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